Water. Water. Water.


Drink more water! Water is essential to for your body to function properly! The average human body is 75% water! We need make sure we are drinking our water! You should wake up every morning and drink a full glass of water! The benefits are through the roof!

Just a few are that it will help your skin, fatigue, blood pressure, digestion, kidneys, constipation, joints, aging, ETC. If you have an issue, water will always help!

For all those peeps out there that are addicted to soda (like me), DRINK MINERAL WATER! It has minerals like calcium, iron and magnesium which is sooo beneficial for your body AND it has the fizzy burn that makes soda so delicious! Add some lemon or lime to make it extra delicious! This is my go to drink in the summer!

Make sure you are drinking half your body weight in ounces. And if you struggles drinking water, infused it with fruit! Try some my favorite infused waters by adding Lemon, Lime & Mint, or Strawberry & Chia Seeds!

XOXO, Lindsay

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