My Favorite Breakfast

Hey guys! Here is a video of me making my favorite breakfast that will last me the whole week! I love making breakfast muffins because they are easy and delicious days after I cook them! Watch the video to see how easy it's done and then refer to the recipe below! Thanks for watching!




Hope you enjoyed that video! 

Full recipe below 

Things you will need:

   1/2 Pound Turkey Sausage

   1 Green Bell Pepper

   1 Orange Bell Pepper

   1 Cup Diced Mushrooms

   1/2 Small Sweet Onion

   Olive Oil Cooking spray

   Salt and Pepper

   1 Dozen Eggs

   1/4 Cup Water

   Cupcake Tin

   Veggies of your liking to add to the muffins


   Fry the Turkey in a pan on the stove until brown

   Chop the veggies 

   Add veggies to the frying pan with the turkey sausage and sauté veggies with turkey sausage

   Grease the Pan with Olive Oil Cooking Spray

   Fill the greased cupcake tin half way with sautéed mixture

   Beat 6 whole eggs, 6 egg whites and 1/4 cup water together

   Pour egg mixture over the sautéed mixture in the cupcake tins

   Let bake for 25-35 Minutes or until browning on top

   Pull out and sprinkle mozzarella cheese on top while the muffins are still hot

   Let cool and enjoy garnished with salt and pepper and hot sauce of choice

I put the extra muffins in a zip log bag or storing container. Warm the muffins up for 30 seconds in the microwave and eat them throughout the week!